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Schmerzfreies Trainieren und Sein

After you have booked an appointment with me we will discuss your weaknesses/imbalances and how you will be improving them on your own. Depending on your time, level of fitness and equipment at home I can easily modify the movements/exercises to fit your schedule.

For our first appointment you will go through a quick but easy movement assessment. You will do some bodyweight movements that are slow in order to allow me to see what you are capable of. After this we immediately start to do some movements and exercises. During the second half of the appointment we will start to put together exercises that are designed for you. With enough practice with these specific movements or exercises you will eventually be closer to reaching your goal. It’s a lot of information for one 60 minute session, quite often we will have the client take a few videos or photos of some unfamiliar exercises to help with the execution of them later at home when I am not there to assist you.

After the appointment I will then email you a program with all of the exercises that I have given to you as homework. You can do these exercises for a few weeks and as soon as you have progressed we can have another appointment to make them more challenging. These methods and strategies are embedded behind science and experience, however if you do not put the time in to complete your homework then we can’t expect you to improve.

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