Lisi Huber-Siokola

Shiatsu for kids & teens


  • Born 1971 in Vienna
  • Mother of 3 teenagers
  • 3-year training course in Hara Shiatsu at the Hara Shiatsu Institute Vienna
  • Diploma thesis on the treatment of neck issues
  • Internship in child and teen psychosomatics at the Wilhelminen hospital Vienna
  • Gynaecological internship at the Hara Shiatsu Institute Vienna

Advanced training

  • „The adjustment of vertebrae in shiatsu” with Georg Platzer
  • „Pelvis and lumbar spine“ with Thomas Dinter
  • „Thoracic spine and cervical spine” with Thomas Dinter
  • „Leg joints“ with Thomas Dinter
  • „Pectoral girdle“ with Thomas Dinter

Participation in the “Shiatsu is class” project at the Hara Shiatsu Institute. Regular shiatsu treatments on 4th grade children at a primary school in Vienna with the aim of understanding the effect of shiatsu on class cohesion and educational development.

Treatment focus

  • Shiatsu, particularly for kids and teens
  • Treatment of sleep and eating disorders
  • Treatment of professional and personal stress symptoms like
  • Fatigue, back pain, mobility issues
  • Preventive treatments to support and sustain relaxation, tranquillity and well-being
  • Treatment of chronic muscle tension

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