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Regeneration – a highly underestimated element – is our most important health and performance factor

Welcome to Urban Health Concept, your friendly holistic health centre in the heart of Vienna.

Do you have acute pain, chronic health complaints or other diverse issues?

We offer specialist care in a wide variety of areas like osteopathy, Hara shiatsu, craniosacral therapy (CST), visceral manipulation, psychotherapy, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, bioresonance therapy as well as a number of different yoga disciplines, all under one roof. Our highly experienced therapists will tackle your problems with enthusiasm, energy and a lot of heart.

We will find the appropriate therapy and the best specialist for you, aiming to get you pain-free, with a new-found energy for a joyful life and tools to master your day-to-day challenges.


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… and then find the ideal therapy combination for a fast and efficient solution.

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The traditional Japanese body therapy at Urban Health Concept

  • During a Hara shiatsu treatment, your therapist will activate and mobilise several parts of your body with deep, sustained pressure using their fingers, hands, elbows and knees.
  • Hara shiatsu utilises classic acupuncture points and their connections within the body – the meridians.
  • Hara shiatsu practitioners understand acute and chronic pain as blockages of energy, which can be dissolved through therapy.

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Pain-free with holistic manual therapy

Our Vienna osteopathy practice will pave the way to sustainable self-healing

  • In osteopathy, the goal is to enable the body to heal itself by removing the blockages which prevent or restrict self-healing.
  • This is done with parietal osteopathy (manual treatment of the musculoskeletal system), visceral osteopathy (manual treatment of the inner organs) and craniosacral therapy.
    An experienced osteopath will always use a combination of all three approaches in order to be able to provide a comprehensive, holistic diagnosis and treatment.
  • By resolving the original blockages and their resulting additional obstructions, the body is again able to self-heal, and symptoms will subside. This holistic approach can be used to sustainably treat a surprising variety of issues.

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Eat healthy every day / Urban Health Food

The basic principles of our approach are:

  • Keeping the absorption of toxin at a minimum.
  • Ensuring a balanced acid-base equilibrium.
  • Establishing the intake of enough high-protein foods to build muscle.
  • Establishing the intake of enough detoxifying foods.
  • Avoiding any inflammatory foods or foods that negatively influence our endocrine or our autonomic nervous system.
  • Avoiding foods provoking an increased allergy or intolerance response.
  • Recommending delicious, healthy meals that can be prepared quickly according to individual tastes and capabilities.
  • Assisting you in adapting these principles to your individual personality and situation so their application is feasible and the transition easy.

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Our holistic health centre offers yoga for a range of applications:

  • Therapeutic yoga is aimed at people with concrete physical ailments, primarily musculoskeletal in nature.
  • Pregnancy yoga is designed to be practiced during your entire pregnancy and helps with pregnancy-related issues like back pain, tension and sciatica as well as ensuring sustained flexibility and mobility.
  • Hormone yoga therapy is a combination of dynamic body positions, breathing techniques and visualisations in order to harmonise the endocrine system.
  • Ashtanga yoga is the ideal yoga discipline for those who want to calm a busy mind and be really aware of their body at the same time. It’s available for small groups or as personal individual training.

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Psychotherapie bedeutet wörtlich übersetzt “Behandlung der Seele” und ist ein eigenständiges Heilverfahren für die Behandlung von psychischen, psychosozialen oder auch psychosomatisch bedingten Verhaltensstörungen und Leidenszuständen.

Sie geht davon aus, dass Körper und Seele eine Einheit sind. Krankheiten, Symptome oder Leidenzustände sind demnach entweder Ursache oder Ausdruck von seelischem Ungleichgewicht.

Ziel einer Psychotherapie ist seelisches Leid zu heilen oder zu lindern, in Lebenskrisen zu unterstützen und persönliche Entwicklung und Gesundheit zu fördern.

In persönlichen Gesprächen in einer vertrauensvollen und wertschätzenden Beziehung zu einem unserer PsychologInnen und PsychotherapeutInnen werden Sie unterstützt, sich selbst besser verstehen zu lernen und neue Strategien im Umgang mit ihrem Problem zu erwerben.


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We use the Symbio-Harmonizer bio-information technology (bioresonance) to treat allergies, food intolerances and any ‘diffuse’ symptoms that cannot be associated with a specific ailment.

Everything in the universe consists of frequencies and resonance – as proven by several physicists long ago. What holds true for our universe also applies to every living organism on this planet.
Each of our cells and organs has a very specific frequency, its individual information. All these frequencies in our bodies form a complex system, with all frequencies ideally in harmony with one another.

Each cell in our body has its own basic frequency and uses this to fulfil its most important purpose: to nourish and detox.
In its quest for analysis and the achievement of balance, bioresonance therapy has chosen Mother Nature as a role model, and it successfully applies her natural principles to the human body’s organic processes.

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